Accessing the Membership Enclosure

Members Entrance

Members must enter the Ground through Gate 8, the designated Members Entrance on Hay Street, for all International and KFC Big Bash League matches.

 Members can enter the Ground through Gate 2 or 3 on Nelson Crescent for domestic matches at public gate opening times. Any Member wishing to leave the Ground and return later that day must scan out at the exit turnstiles located at Gates 2, 3 and 8.

 This process will permit re-entry into the Ground through Gate 8. Please be aware that the Western crossover will not operate during domestic matches and therefore we ask Members to use the Eastern Crossover to access the Members Enclosure.


To ensure a smooth entry into the WACA Ground, WACA Members are reminded of the following guidelines for match day queueing:

  • Members are welcome to use folding chairs whilst queuing; however, folding chairs are not permitted in the WACA Ground and need to be cloaked prior to entry into the ground
  • Aside from short comfort breaks, Members must remain in the queue and not leave items in their place (ie. bags, rugs, etc)
  • No proxies - only Members and their Guests who will be attending the match are able to queue
  • Late comers will not be able to join friends or family who are further advanced in the queue.

Priority Entrance Queue

 A Priority Entrance Queue will be in operation at Gate 8 during all International and Perth Scorchers matches for the following Members:

  • Life & Loyalty Members (40+ Year Members)
  • Significant Mobility Impairment (SMI) Entrance Card holders
  • High Attendee Entrance Card holders.

This queue will be admitted in to the Ground approximately ten (10) minutes before advertised gate opening times. Members may be accompanied in this queue by their Transferable Guest Card holders, however Guest Card holders are only permitted to use the Priority Entrance Queue if the Member is also present. Members cannot be accompanied by other Members (not included in the above list) or Visitor Pass holders in this queue.

 During domestic matches, Members with an SMI Entrance Card can enter the Ground through the dedicated entrance at Gate 8.

Misuse of Membership Card

The Membership Card remains property of the WACA and is strictly non-transferable. The Membership Card may not be used by any person other than the designated Member. This is without exception.