Dress Standards
The Membership Enclosure has elevated dress standards separating it from the public side of the ground. We believe our Members are special and they deserve an exclusive place to come and enjoy cricket. We believe dress standards celebrate  this sense of occasion and dressing appropriately is a way for our Members to show the value they place in their WACA Membership.

Dress standards apply within the WACA Members Enclosure at all times. Members are reminded of their responsibility to ensure that their Guests/Visitors are aware of the dress standards and that they abide by these standards for the entire time spent in the enclosure. 

To best accommodate Members and Guests, the Membership office will continue to offer attire that is consistent with the minimum dress standard for purchase in the event of a breach in the standard. As a reminder, we ask that men please wear a collared shirt and ladies wear a modest blouse or top. Straps thinner than the Membership card (5cm) are not accepted. Shorts or skirts are required to be at least knee length. As a guide to meet the minimum standard for ladies, the seam of the garment must rest within the length of the Membership card (8.5cm) to the knee.

Members and their Guests/Visitors who do not comply with these dress standards will be refused entry or asked to leave the Members Enclosure. Please familiarise yourself with the dress standards detailed below.

Not withstanding the information below, Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any person considered unsuitably attired, intoxicated or behaving in a manner deemed inappropriate.

Minimum Dress Standards to gain entry into the Members Enclosure:

  • Children aged 15 years and over are required to comply with the Adult Members Dress Standards.
  • Children under the age of 15 do not have to comply with the Members Dress Standards; however we encourage all children entering the Members Enclosure to be dressed in a neat and tidy manner.
  • Children under the age of 15 are not permitted to wear rubber thongs in the Members Enclosure.