Talent Development


The WACA Talent Development Program provides a values-based learning environment aligned to the values of the Alcohol.Think Again Western Warriors. We believe that on-field success will be closely linked to the development of young men off the field.

In earning respect on and off the field, players will be asked to live the values developed by Head Coach Justin Langer and his playing group.

  • We work hard
  • We speak honestly
  • We embrace success
  • We respect the past
  • We look after our mates


  • Integrate WACA Talent Development Programs with the National Player Pathway framework.
  • Build environments that promote a trusting relationship between coach and player.
  • Promote learning and application of skills through experience and challenges within practice and play.
  • Encourage and develop skills in players that allow them to become self-driven and motivated to pursue continuous improvement in all areas of their game.
  • Develop systems and educate players on the use of technology to journal their career and communicate with their support network in real time.


Selection processes are driven by WACA Talent Development Staff. Multiple factors are considered when selecting players to form squads and state teams. Information is collected from club and school representatives over the course of a season and collated using an online rating system.

Squads are communicated at set points during the year. Clubs and schools are informed of these dates and kept updated on a regular basis.

WACA pathway selection committees are listed below:

  • WACA U19: David Fitzgerald
  • WACA U17: Wayne Andrews
  • WACA/WA School Sport U15s: Ian Bycroft, Scott Ogilvie, Daniel Griffiths & WACA Talent Department
Pathway Competition Calendar

Competition Schedule
U19 Championships 12-22 January
U17 Championships 1-11 December
U16 Talent Development Carnival 21,27,29 January
U15 Talent Development Carnival 13-15 January

CA National Championships


Coaching Staff

  • Warriors Development Coach (U19s) – David Fitzgerald
  • Warriors Development Coach (U17s) – Wayne Andrews

Talent staff

  • High Performance Programs Manager - Morag Croser
  • Talent Development Manager – David Fitzgerald
  • Talent Development Coordinator (North) – Rob Wass
  • Talent Development Coordinator (South) – Job Van Bunge

The WACA engages a range of specialist coaches at times to provide coaching and support to WACA staff.

U19s Support Team:

  • Ross Greer – U19’s Assistant Coach
  • Bowling Mentor (pace) – Wayne Clark
  • Bowling Mentor (spin) – Tom Hogan
  • Physiotherapist – Craig King

U17s Support Team:

  • Peter Clough – U17’s Assistant Coach
  • Bowling Mentor (pace) – Mike Thistle
  • Bowling Mentor (spin) – Tom Hogan
  • Physiotherapist – James Grierson

U15s Support Team:

  • Batting Specialist – Michael Dighton
  • Bowling Specialist – Michael Thistle

Pathway support Staff:

  • Pathway Strength & Conditioning – Rob Chipchase, Brett Cadee
  • Pathway Fielding/Throwing – Scott Mitchinson
  • Pathway Dietician – Beth Allanson
  • Pathway Sports Psychologist – Vic Smith
  • Pathway Player Development – Angie Bain

To contact staff please call WACA reception on 9265 7222 or email reception@waca.com.au

Pathway Programs

The below table highlights key phases and decision points within the programs. The objective is for selected players in pathway programs to receive 12 month program support allowing them time to learn and develop.

Match performance is an important consideration annually, however it is only one consideration when evaluating the progression and addition of players each season. Other physical, mental and character attributes are also assessed in determining if players are improving and maximising the opportunities the program provides

WACA Talent Pathway Squads

Under 15 Under 17 Under 19
May Selection process and player review (Squads announced end of May)
Selection process and player review (Players in development squad announced end of May)
Selection process and player review (Players in development squads announced end of May)
Physical Preparation with Development Squad begins
Physical Preparation with Development Squad begins
July Development Skills program commences
Development Skills program commences
Full U17 Squad announced
Development Skills program commences
Full U19 training sqaud announced
August Training continues
Training continues Training continues
September Training continues U17 squad training begins
U19 squad training begins
October Season begins – program for squad is modified
Training continues Training continues
November Club and school visits
School Sport trial process
WACA U17 Team announced for National Championships Training continues
December Talent carnival squads selected National Championships WACA U19 Team announced for National Championships
January U15 Talent Carnival Championship Review
Physical Development Program continues
National Championships
February Australian U15 Carnival held Physical Development program continues Championship Review
Physical Development Program continues
March Players finish season Physical Development Program
April End of season IPP review End of season IPP review End of season IPP review


Talent development is closely linked to the role of coaches. For further information please visit the coaching section of the WACA website.