Pilbara Cricket Takes A 'Step Forward'
14 December 2012  
Last weekend's Country Cup Pilbara Playoff in Newman has been widely received as a huge success, with captains from all competing sides delighted with the region's progress.
 Port Hedland Cricket Association were announced as the eventual winners on net run rate after several games during the four-team Twenty20 carnival were unfortunately affected by rain. Port Hedland will now progress to the Country Cup finals, to be played in South Perth in February.
Nonetheless, the carnival was hailed as a success as cricket in the region continues to make strides forward, with talk now focusing on the creation of a Pilbara Cricket Board.
Newman Cricket Association captain Brian Hall was also delighted with the carnival as an opportunity to bring together Newman, Port Hedland, West Pilbara and Fortescue Cricket Associations, given the geographical challenges of the region.
"It was a step forward connection-wise and for networking. It was great to make those contacts with people in Port Hedland and West Pilbara," Hall said.
"The push now is to get that Pilbara Cricket Board up and running."
Hall praised Veolia for their part in putting in a sizeable amount of money to ensure the logistically difficult event went ahead.
"Their money covered the costs from the paint to mark the ovals, to keeping the lights on and through to the catering," Hall said.
West Pilbara captain Clint Degebrodt and his side made the 1200km round trip and said it was a positive step forward for cricket in the region
"It was fantastic. Excellent accommodation, excellent facilities and plenty of good cricket," he said.
"There was also lots of positive chat about how we can improve cricket in the region."
Port Hedland skipper Nathan Smith said he was impressed with the quality of cricket during the carnival.
"It was really good to get together against the other Pilbara sides. The passion for cricket up here is great. The health of the game is strong," he said.
"There was some fairly strong sides, it was a reasonable step-up in class from our club cricket. It's another level. I was surprised by healthy the standard was."
He added that his side were looking forward to competing against the likes of Eastern Goldfields, Bunbury and Peel in the Country Cup finals.
"This will be our third Country Cup in a row representing the Pilbara. We're pretty happy with that, it's a great tournament," he said.