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WACA Governance Review

With a focus on good governance, the WACA has undertaken a review of the Association's Charter and Constitution.

In 2014, the WACA Board initiated a governance review that resulted in the adoption of a Governance Charter in September 2015.

Governance charter

The review also proposed a number of structural and operational initiatives that are currently being progressed. 

Constitution review

Following a Member vote in April 2017, which resulted in a decision to retain the current Constitution, the WACA Board has continued to review the Constitution with the view that there is a strong need for the Association to modernise its governance structure to further support its vision to be a leader in Australian sport.

The Board has engaged with the state’s cricket clubs and associations over the past 12 months, resulting in several amendments and a new proposed Constitution being developed.

Two crucial changes include the amendment of the Board composition and the WACA’s objects, both of which have been made in close consultation with members from our state’s clubs and associations. The changes ensure the cricket community continues to be represented on the WACA Board and the purpose of the WACA remains to serve and support all levels of cricket in WA, both of which were deemed of high importance by WACA Members and WA’s clubs and associations in the April 2017 vote.

The Board has now reached a position which it believes is in the best interests of WA cricket going forward and which it will be recommending to the WACA Members to support at the forthcoming general meeting. From the extensive consultation undertaken, on virtually all issues there appears to be consensus on the WACA’s governance arrangements and constitution meeting best practice standards for a leading sporting organisation.

A General Meeting of WACA Members will be held on Thursday 31 May 2018 at 6pm in the Boundary Room at the WACA Ground to vote on the new proposed Constitution, which is available below.


With a commitment to engaging with its Members, the WACA conducted a survey in November 2015 to obtain views and feedback on various proposed constitutional changes. The results of the survey and a report from Steven Cole are available below:

Following consideration of these results, and to ensure we continue to inform Members, the WACA held a series of forums to provide information and discuss governance issues.

The below documents provide an overview of the discussions held at previous Member forums, as well as questions and responses which were addressed for Members.

The WACA has also engaged with other stakeholders, such as members of the Statewide Game Development Committee, to ensure any changes to the Constitution meet their needs and expectations.

A final proposed Constitution was voted on by WACA Members at a General Meeting on Thursday 27 April 2017, resulting in the current Constitution being retained.