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As we navigate through the COVID-19 coronavirus WA Roadmap we want to ensure that our cricket community stay safe, healthy and connected during this unprecedented time. 

On Monday 18 May 2020, Western Australia moved into phase 2 of the four-phase roadmap to recovery. 

This means we are able to resume some activities we’ve had to put on hold, including sporting activities. Effective Monday 18 May 2020, non-contact community sports, including indoor community sports and children’s sport, up to a maximum of 20 participants are permitted. 

If you plan to pick up the bat and ball, strap on the pads and get back to the practice nets, it is vitally important that we all follow the guidelines and restrictions set out by the State Government to protect our community from the COVID -19 coronavirus pandemic. Below is a basic guide to make this happen while following the rules and restrictions put in place by the State Government. Further, we encourage our clubs and affiliates to reach out to their Local Government Authority to understand how they are managing their facilities and grounds through this second phase of the WA Government’s roadmap.   

Also, Australian Cricket has collaborated to develop some return to play principles that aim to keep our cricket community safe while doing what they love. 

We continue to work with the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Local Government Authorities and winter sporting codes to finalise a return to play strategy and agreed principles to guide local decisions about when the next cricket season will start. We will keep you informed as this progresses. 

Here’s what you need to know and where to find more information: 

WA Government Guidelines regarding sport & recreation: 

  • Strictly no more than 20 people are allowed. The 20 person maximum count includes players, participants, parents, patrons and spectators. The 20 person count does not include coaches, trainers, instructors and general venue staff;
  • Spectators are discouraged unless required (e.g. parent or carer); 
  • Must be 4 square metres of space per person; 
  • Keep 1.5m away from others where possible;
  • Maintain good personal hygiene, including regular hand washing;
  • Equipment sharing must be minimal and must be cleaned frequently. You are permitted to share a ball, but it must be cleaned between training sessions;
  • WA restrictions require change-rooms to remain closed, but toilets may remain open; 
  • All businesses, including sport and recreation venues & facilities, MUST complete a COVID Safety Plan prior to reopening.

Attached are the WA Government COVID Safety Guidelines for Sport and Recreation and the Sport and Recreation COVID Safety Plan.

Further information on the WA Government guidelines, frequently asked questions and the COVID Safety Plan can be found using these links:

Australian Cricket Return to Training Protocols:

The key principle for training at this point in time must be 'Get in, Train, Get out'. 

The following protocols are to guide any training that takes place:

  • Don’t share your equipment – including pads, gloves, protectors and helmets;
  • No contact rule – this includes high fives, shaking hands and any other physical contact; 
  • Observe physical distancing of 1.5m metres at all times;
  • Adhere to all relevant protocols and guidelines;
  • Practice good hygiene;
  • If your local cricket nets are open, ensure there is no more and 5 people at a net at any time; and
  • Plan breaks at least 10-15 minutes apart from other groups or teams or participants to minimize crossover.

Please see attached the Cricket Australia COVID-19 Guidelines for Cricket Activity as well as the Return to Cricket Training protocols in more detail. 

Also, visit for an Australian Cricket COVID-19 Update.

Winter Cricket Competitions and Indoor Cricket

While the majority of our cricket community is in off season, there are some competitions that do run during winter in our state. Indoor Cricket competitions are also an important part of the winter cricket landscape. 

We will be working with Indoor Sports WA as well as those who administer winter competitions to ensure a safe return to play plan for their competitions.

More Information

If you require more information relating to the WA Government guidelines and restrictions, please review to the WA Government website listed previously. 
For more information on Australian cricket guidelines, please contact your WACA Cricket Manager or Danny Andrews at the WACA on 0417 164 843 or email

Things to consider before next season

What next for clubs and Associations

During this is the time of year many of you will hold your AGM and begin preparing for the new season.  Procedures may unfold a little differently this year, due to COVID-19, so below is some advice and support.

AGMs for incorporated clubs and associations

Clubs and associations generally hold their AGMs over the next few months.  The Department of Commerce has issued the following advice for you regarding holding of AGMs and applications for AGM extension grants.

Holding committee meetings online

With current social-distancing restrictions in place, face-to-face meetings are more difficult when running a sporting club.  Here are a some free tools available to hold meetings online. 

Stay in touch with your members

  • Using social media platforms and email members updates on club events and COVID-19 information relevant to your club
  • Create club competitions and online club activities
    • Best bowler or batter you ever played with at the club
    • Memorable club moments or teams
  • Promote cricket activities at home particularly for junior members and players
  • Promote club sponsors and supporters
  • Send out a club newsletter 
    • Include club member stories of what its been like for them since the last game of the season
    • Let them know what the committee has been doing in the background
    • Let them know what is being planned for 2020-21

Engage and recruit volunteers 

Getting good volunteers (and enough of them) is often difficult for clubs.  We have some resources and help available to assist you:

  • Create a volunteer engagement plan to recruit, induct, reward and retain volunteers
  • Review or create position descriptions for the roles at your club

Plan for Season 2020/21

While sport is in hibernation at the moment it’s a great opportunity for cricket clubs to start getting some of their planning started.

  • Get your club up to date on Child Safeguarding policies and practices

  • Plan a Season Launch event for your club
  • Create your Season Calendar for 2020/21
  • Create or review your club’s strategic or operational plan
  • Create or review your club’s vision and purpose

Click here to contact a member of our Community Cricket team for support.

Click here to download additional resources.