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Kids and Schools

At the WACA the aim is to involve more kids in cricket and with many different formats, there is not a better time to get children picking up a bat and ball.

COVID-19 Update

The following school specific programs and events have been cancelled in response to the global coronavirus pandemic. This decision has been made in the context of advice from State and Federal Health departments suggesting that by taking these actions now we can contribute to slow the spread of the coronavirus to the broader community.

School specific programs and activities run by the WACA

  • Woolworths Cricket Blast Schools Cup
  • Woolworths Cricket Blast school-based programs
  • Gala Days

School specific programs and activities organised by schools (WACA staff will not be available to assist in delivery)

  • Sporting Schools Programs: If a school wishes to cancel or modify their program, please ask them to send an email to with the subject line of ‘Coronavirus Program Modification (School Name)’. A copy of the email should also be sent to
  • Woolworths Cricket Blast Health and PE Programs
  • Intra Woolworths Cricket Blast School Cups

Our direction from Sport Australia is to come up with a solution that works for your school. Options include:

  • Finish the program at its current point. CA will re-invoice for the completed amount (i.e. if 2 sessions have been completed, we invoice for these sessions);
  • Change the program to be Teacher Delivered for the remaining weeks. CA to re-invoice for new amount.
  • Pause the program as is and reschedule sessions when we return to business as usual. Current invoice to be paid, with your school getting a credit for future sessions.
  • Remaining Sporting Schools sessions to be swapped for equipment.

Organised School competitions run by the WACA

  • Kim Hughes and Graeme Wood Shields.
  • Specialised Sporting Schools Trials Day.

It is important to know that WACA staff will still be working and available to support you over email or phone and we welcome you to get in contact if you have any questions or concerns. Schools are also encouraged to complete programs by self/teacher delivery and reaching to WACA staff remotely for support where needed.

We are currently awaiting further advice in regard to sporting schools programs but I would encourage teachers to complete the remaining sessions of Term 1 programs (self-delivered).