The 29-year-old has suffered from frequent episodes of lower back pain related to a recurrent lumber stress fracture since 2015.

Despite significant intervention, Behrendorff returned from the 2019 World Cup in the UK again with increased back pain, related to the stress fracture, that has not responded to rest or treatment.

After consultation with specialists and Western Australian Cricket Association and Cricket Australia medical staff, Behrendorff will head to New Zealand to undergo surgery next week with spinal surgeon, Mr Rowan Schouten.

“Unfortunately I’ve had the same injury over the last few years and we’ve tried a number of things and the injury continues to return,” Behrendorff said.

“After a lot of thought and discussion we’ve decided that surgery is the best opportunity to find a more permanent fix.

“I’m feeling good about the surgery, I’ve spoken to a number of Aussie and Kiwi bowlers who’ve had a similar surgery and they were all very positive about the results.

“This particular procedure has had good success rates in other professional pace bowlers with similar reoccurring issues.”

A timeframe on his return to play will be revisited throughout the recovery process.