The Belt up Integrated Cricket League is a competition offering the opportunity for people with a disability to play community cricket in an environment that is suitable for their needs.

The Belt up ICL includes the Youth and Senior division pathways which help to build on participant independence and increase their engagement with the wider community.

As part of the Belt up partnership, community cricket, including the ICL, will receive $1million over the next fours years.

This funding will go towards purchasing independence-enabling equipment for ICL players and teams, training resources for players, clubs and volunteers, and the promotion of the ICL as an accessible and inclusive competition for people with disability.

The first year of this partnership will see all ICL teams have access to new specialty equipment that will service the specific needs of players within the team including visual aids, different sized balls and customised bats.

All 16 teams will also receive a team Belt Up branded kit bag which will include two helmets and Belt Up bat stickers for every player within the team.

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