Aligning with the WACA’s aim of fostering positive club culture, the program is designed to assist clubs in assessing how they perform on the field, and supporting clubs to put in place strategies to improve their club health and long-term sustainability.

Senior cricket clubs are required to complete the Good Sports Level 1 program to be eligible for Alcohol.Think Again Senior Club Program.

WACA CEO Christina Matthews said the Alcohol.Think Again Senior Club Program is having an extremely positive impact on the culture of cricket clubs across the State.

“This program we’ve created through our partnership with Healthway has enabled us to redefine a healthy cricket culture and provide a whole of cricket approach to club health and sustainability, and we’re seeing the positive changes at a community grassroots level,” Ms Matthews said.

“The health and wellbeing of our cricket communities is paramount to us and programs of this kind provide the necessary steps for cricket clubs to improve their health and in effect, long-term sustainability.”
Healthway CEO Susan Hunt PSM said sporting clubs play an important role in communities right across WA.

The Healthway partnership with the WACA is a great example of how sporting organisations can lead the way in actively promoting good community health and wellbeing.

“It’s fantastic to see a State-wide cricket culture being built in WA that prioritises the current and future health of its players, volunteers and members.

“I congratulate the WACA for its leadership in rolling out this program so positively, promoting health and wellbeing through community sport,” Ms Hunt said.

Alcohol.Think Again Senior Club Program Winners

Country Cricket Club Winners
1st Place: Perenjori Cricket Club
2nd Place: Burekup Cricket Club
3rd Place: Denmark Cricket Club

Metro Cricket Club Winners
1st Place: Swan Valley Cricket Club
2nd Place: Riverton Rostrata Cricket Club
3rd Place: North Perth Cricket Club

Club Improvement Fund Prizes:
1st Prize - $4,000 Cash + Alcohol.Think Again Marquee
2nd Prize - $2,000 Cash + Alcohol.Think Again Marquee & Scoreboard
3rd Prize - $1,000 Cash + Alcohol.Think Again Marquee & Sunscreen Pack