Coincidentally, the 33-year-old also played his 200th match, making the occasion that much more special.

Sutton said it felt pretty amazing reaching the two milestones during the match.

“You don’t stick around that long just playing for milestones, it’s just another number really, but there’s a lot of cricket there and a lot of low scores too, so it's  nice to know I’ve had that longevity in the game though," he said.

“I was probably more overwhelmed by the 200-game milestone, I guess not too many people have achieved that and that’s the one I’ll treasure the most.”

Although the 200-game journeyman is the current captain of the Fremantle side, Sutton made his debut for Midland-Guildford back in the 2003-04 season, before an eight-year stint at Rockingham-Mandurah.

After playing seven games in his debut season, Sutton never dipped below that number in his 15 years at the highest level, and no matter where the Pinjarra product played he made runs.

“I guess I never thought I’d reach either of these milestones when I first started out,” he said.

“I don’t tend to look at total runs, I’m more aware of how many hundreds I’ve made. It is a nice number though, it says I’ve either played a lot of cricket or made big runs, but it’s probably the first one, to be honest."

The decision to change clubs is never an easy one to make, having shared the blood, sweat and tears of many a pre-season.

However, that was just the decision Sutton had to make – twice. The shift from Midland-Guildford to Rockingham-Mandurah, then to his current club Fremantle.

“It was great, starting out at Midland-Guildford,” he said.

“I still have a lot of mates there, but I was forced to move down Rockingham-Mandurah for a number of reasons.

"They’ve got some great players and people at the club, but it was just too far out of the way for me. When you go to a club like Fremantle; it’s a very old club with lots of old supporters and old players around the place, so the club functions are great, especially now that I’m coming to the back end of my career.

“The thing that tipped it over the edge for me was when my good mate Sam Whiteman told me he was going to Fremantle. I’d played a lot of cricket with him and he’s one of my best mates.

"Fremantle gave me a phone call and wanted both of us to play for them, so it was a nice change, playing for one of the big clubs in the competition with a great list, it was just a really good refresher for me.”

With Fremantle currently sitting fourth on the ladder, Sutton believes his side is in the perfect position to arrest a 28-year premiership drought.

“We’ve been going pretty well so far this season,” he said.

“I did have high expectations too, so it’s basically where I see us sitting. Last year was always going to be a struggle with a bit of a transitioning period, but this year we’ve got players back, our availability has been better and with five games to go, the target is a top four finish, and anything can happen from there.

“Our last Two Day flag was in 1990, so trying to bring the flag back to the port is my only goal. I captained the club to a T20 flag two years ago, but the club is starving for a Two Day flag."