A number of special guests were also in attendance including WACA CEO Christina Matthews, WA District Cricket Council Chairman and WACA Board Member Christian Bauer alongside WACA Board Members Hon. Tuck Waldron and Avril Fahey.

Guests also heard from WA cricket legend John Inverarity about his junior cricket experiences.

The night culminated in the announcement of the Danae Corser Player of the Year for the Inverarity, McKenzie, McGuire and Hussey Shields.

Mrs Corser is a long-time supporter of Junior Premier Cricket, and makes a significant contribution in recognising the most outstanding players in each grade.

Award Winners:

Inverarity Shield – Under 13s
Player of the Round

Round 1 – Sebastian Gangemi (Gosnells)
Rounds 2 & 3 – Nicholas Davidson (Joondalup)
Round 4 – Harry Saunders (Claremont-Nedlands)
Round 5 – Zac Petersen (South Perth)
Round 6 – Lincoln Hobbs (Claremont-Nedlands)
Round 7 – Angus Bloxham (Bayswater-Morley)

Batting/Bowling Awards
Batting Aggregate – Nicholas Davidson (Joondalup)
Batting Average – Zed Hollick (Scarborough)
Bowling Aggregate – Kiefer Lake (Willetton)
Bowling Average – George Sculthorpe (Subiaco-Floreat)


McKenzie Shield – Under 14s
Player of the Round

Rounds 1 & 7 – Kai Orr (Joondalup)
Round 2 – Ethan Barbieri (Subiaco-Floreat)
Round 3 – Jordan Roads (Midland-Guildford)
Round 4 – Dylan Cordier (Wanneroo)
Round 5 – Jake Gerrans (Joondalup)
Round 6 – Declan Power (Melville)

Batting/Bowling Awards
Batting Aggregate – Kai Orr (Joondalup)
Batting Average – Kai Orr (Joondalup)
Bowling Aggregate – Griffen Collins (Melville)
Bowling Average – Kai D’Souza (Willetton)


McGuire Shield – Under 15s
Club Champion

Bayswater-Morley – Elijah Ward-Armstrong
Centurions – Johann Cloete
Claremont-Nedlands – Benjamin Melville
Fremantle – Darin Jayaprakash
Gosnells – Kyal Richardson
Joondalup – Kai Orr
Melville – Cameron van Deuren
Midland-Guildford – Hayden Kain
Mount Lawley – Zach Dancewicz
Perth – Ben Scotson
Rockingham-Mandurah – Teague Wyllie
Scarborough – George Pullinger
South Perth – Benjamin Middlemas
Subiaco Floreat – Zakary Beattie
Wanneroo – Connor Spangenberg
Willetton – Olivier Brehaut

Batting/Bowling Awards
Batting Aggregate – Teague Wyllie (Rockingham-Mandurah)
Batting Average – Ben Scotson (Perth)
Bowling Aggregate – Johann Cloete (Centurions)
Bowling Average – Alex Hardiman (Bayswater-Morley)


Hussey Shield – Under 17s
Club Champion

Bayswater-Morley – Kieran Abrams
Centurions – Louis Crafford
Claremont-Nedlands – Aubin Spurr
Fremantle – Lukas Debnam
Gosnells – Aqeel Wahid
Joondalup – Rajit Bose
Melville – Sean Rodgers
Midland-Guildford – Kyle Cosson
Mount Lawley – Josh Hobley
Perth – Regan Woodhouse
Rockingham-Mandurah – Jack Richards
Scarborough – Cooper Connolly; Ethan McQuade
South Perth – Thomas Kingsley
Subiaco Floreat – Michael Humphryson; Nathan Bothma
Wanneroo – Samuel Williams
Willetton – John Sanders

Batting/Bowling Awards
Batting Aggregate – Louis Crafford (Centurions)
Batting Average – Cooper Connolly (Scarborough)
Bowling Aggregate – Rajit Bose (Joondalup)
Bowling Average – Jarod Allen (Gosnells)


Junior Umpire of the Year – Sidney Rajanayagam
Junior Spirit of Cricket – Claremont-Nedlands
Junior Coach of the Year – Colin Rose (Scarborough)

Danae Corser Player of the Year
Under 13s Inverarity Shield – Nicholas Davidson (Joondalup)
Under 14s McKenzie Shield – Kai Orr (Joondalup)
Under 15s McGuire Shield – Kyal Richardson (Gosnells)
Under 17s Hussey Shield – Josh Hobley (Mount Lawley) & Aqeel Wahid (Gosnells)