The award recognises the best individual performer throughout the home-and-away season of the Alcohol.Think Again Premier Cricket First Grade season, excluding finals and is voted on by the umpires after each game on a 3-2-1 basis.

Renee Chappell (Melville)

Chappell dominated the 2017-18 season with the ball for Melville, claiming 25 wickets to be the competition’s leading wicket-taker. With an economy of 2.61 in the One Day format, Chappell’s best figures of 3-8 came in her side’s Round 7 One Day victory over University. Playing 16 of a possible 20 home-and-away matches, Chappell’s outstanding form should see her poll a few two or three vote matches following a number of big wicket hauls throughout the season which will have her right in contention for the Karen Read Medal.

Melissa Cameron (South Perth)

Cameron was a force to be reckoned with in season 2017-18, amassing a whopping 578 runs throughout both formats of the game to be the leading run scorer in the competition. Her highest score of 107 came in South Perth’s Round 1 One Day victory over Subiaco Floreat, which is sure to attract the attention of the umpires. Also, Cameron took 12 wickets throughout the season, showcasing her talent in all aspects of the game. While her T20 form was not as strong as her One Day performances, two scores in the seventies and another in the nineties will most likely attract some big votes.

Siobhan Spargo (Midland Guildford)

Spargo was an inspiration to Midland Guildford this season, taking 22 wickets across both formats to be her club’s leading wicket taker. Spargo’s best figures of 3-17 for the season came in her side’s Round 3 T20 win over University. Taking the second most wickets in the competition, Spargo has played one more match than fellow medal hope Melissa Cameron, which may come in handy towards the back end of the medal count.

Ashlee King (Melville)

King was queen with ball in hand this season, taking 14 wickets in her 2017-18 campaign. Not only did she play a huge part in Melville’s successful season, working superbly in tandem with Renee Chappell, she also took a breathtaking 4-11 in her first match of the season in her side’s Round 2 win over University. With a tight economy of 2.76 in the One Day format, King could sneak in a couple of one and two vote matches in what should be a tight vote count.

Megan Banting (Subiaco Floreat)

Although she only played four One Day matches and six T20 matches in season 2017-18, Banting was unbelievable in each of those outings. Banting scored a whopping 361 runs with a staggering average of 180.5 in her four One Day matches with an unbeaten season-high score of 122 coming in her side’s Round 4 epic win over University. With three centuries from four outing and a solid T20 campaign snaring 169 runs, the only issue for Banting would be the lack of matches played.

Mathilda Carmichael (Melville)

Melville’s stunning season sees a third player who could possibly take home the Karen Read medal in Mathilda Carmichael. Although, like Megan Banting, Carmichael only played four One Day matches, she could easily poll two or three votes in each of those matches. However, she dominated the T20 season, scoring 322 runs in five matches at an average of 80.5 to be the leading T20 run scorer. Sitting second overall with 562 runs, Carmichael’s season-high score of 135 came in the Round 7 win over University, which will surely attract the three votes. With 10 wickets to her name, Carmichael proved she could get the job done with both bat and ball and could poll a number of two-vote matches.

Bhavisha Devchand (Midland Guildford)

Taking the second most wickets (13) in the One Day format from just four matches is no mean feat, but that’s just what Bhavisha Devchand accomplished in season 2017-18. Devchand was exquisite in each of her appearances this season, with a six-wicket haul coupled with an unbeaten 79 runs in Round 6 the highlight of her 2017-18 campaign. While only taking four wickets in the T20 competition, she did score a half century and produce another score in the late 30s. Although her limited number of appearances in the One Day format will undoubtedly be a hindrance in her vote winning capabilities, her unparalleled performances in those outings could see her poll a number of three vote matches.