Lloyd has dedicated her time to Kingsley Woodvale as registrar for a number of years and is essential to the success of the club.

Adding to her club duties, Lloyd also works as a registrar for the North West Metro Cricket Association (NWMCA).

She joined the NWMCA six years ago, at a time when the association was facing difficulties and required additional assistance with finalising season fixtures.

Lloyd said her time as a cricket volunteer has been very rewarding.

“There are a range of benefits within volunteering, giving back to the club is one of the biggest benefits to me personally,” Lloyd said.

“If you are organised, community-minded and passionate you may make a great club registrar but there is a volunteering role for everyone.

“Do it, say yes, as the reward you feel both within your voluntary role and in seeing the children participate gives you a level of satisfaction that is indescribable.”

If you have an outstanding volunteer in your club nominate them for the WA Community Cricket Awards. Click here to nominate your club's unsung hero.