The club has hosted its annual Sock it to Sarcoma! Round for a number of years now, to support two of its players who were diagnosed with the disease in 2015.

MCC Secretary Jacob Steber said it was a shock for the club when finding out about their diagnosis.

“Both players were fit and healthy when they were diagnosed with sarcoma,” Steber said

“One player was training with the Western Fury at the time and the other had just been selected in the State School Boys Squad.

“The result of this meant both players had to take time off playing cricket. One of the players is now cancer-free and is back playing for Melville, which is a great result for him.”

Sarcoma is an uncommon group of cancers which arise in the bones and connective tissue. In most cases, it’s not clear what causes the disease.

Very few people have heard of sarcoma, so the Sock it to Sarcoma! Round is about promoting education and raising awareness of the disease, especially amongst young adults.

Event Ambassador Mathilda Carmichael said she’s proud to help support this important Round and raise awareness.

“Having met multiple people and families of those who have been affected by sarcoma, families feel helpless against the aggressive nature of sarcoma, as it affects victims randomly, whilst in their prime,” she said.

“This Round will increase awareness and education, as a greater understanding of the cancer is critical, to ensure a cure can be found.”

Steber said the club has put a lot into this year’s Round to help raise much-needed funds for future research into the rare cancer.

“As a club, we are leading the way in terms of spreading the message and raising awareness through our social media channels,” he said

“This Sunday we are inviting everyone to come down to Tompkins Park, watch some T20 cricket and be part of Sock it to Sarcoma! Fun Day.

“There will be plenty of family-friendly activities, including a bouncy castle, live music and wood-fired pizzas.”

The club is also encouraging all cricket spectators to wear odd socks and support their annual Sock it to Sarcoma! Round.