Gosnells 8-76 (Green 35, Crowe 20, Bayley 5-13) v Willetton 235 (Rhodes 59, Hanna 42, Prescott 3-32), Sutherlands Park 1

Willetton put itself in prime position to snare another outright win after a superb all-round performance on day one. Brett Bayley and Matt Hanna will look to take the remaining two wickets early on day two and possibly search for an outright win. Gosnells will need a miracle to avoid a first innings defeat.

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Melville v Claremont Nedlands 9-288 (Brabazon 77, David 58, Turner 3-51), Tompkins Park 1

Claremont Nedlands has put itself in a strong position after a terrific batting performance on day one against Melville. The Tigers will try to eke out as many runs as possible with their final wicket before unleashing their bowlers on Melville’s strong batting attack, while Melville will be looking to defend early and bat out the day in search of a first innings win.

“I imagine it will be the same sort of plan we had against Willetton last round when we were chasing a big total, just break the total down into chunks and we’ll go from there.”

Melville head coach Brad Thompson.


Mount Lawley 137 (Hobley 44, Taylor 22no, Jeffrey 5-38) v Bayswater Morley 4-81 (Smithies 21, Guy 20, Taylor 2-26), Breckler Park 1

Bayswater Morley appear to be in control against Mount Lawley, needing a further 57 runs to claim a first innings win. The Bears will resume at the crease with Rhys Hampson and Jake Lewis attempting to quickly chase down the runs.

“First and foremost is going about getting the runs, that’s our number one priority. We have six wickets in hand and chasing another 50-60 runs so we will reassess what we do after that.”

Bayswater Morley head coach Justin Cantrill


Perth 262 (Roberts 88, Jury 50, Bevilaqua 3-33) v South Perth, Fletcher Park East

Perth has posted a decent 262 following a solid batting performance on day one against South Perth.

“It’s important for us to start well. Having wickets in hand is crucial too, but we know we have a free-flowing tail-end which will be handy as Fletcher park flattens out towards the end of the day, the outfield is pretty quick too. Perth have a quality attack with pace and spin so it’ll be tough.”

South Perth head coach Bret Mulder


Rockingham Mandurah 299 (Pollock 91, Willis 79, Millar 4-69) v Wanneroo, Lark Hill 1

Rockingham Mandurah put itself in a great position, blasting 299 on day one, leaving Wanneroo in a difficult position to claim a first innings win. The Roos will need heavy input from its opening batsmen if they are to bat out the day and claim an unlikely victory.

“The equation is pretty simple for us. If we bat for the full 90 overs, we should get over the line.”

Wanneroo head coach Joel Charles


Scarborough 256 (Philippe 89, Maiolo 68, Larmett 4-37) v Joondalup 2-80 (Morgan 36no, South 28, Tye 2-34), Abbett Park East

Scarborough and Joondalup are evenly matched on day two, with Joondalup responding to Scarborough’s 256 with 2-80 at the end of the day’s play. Scarborough will look take early wickets and expose Joondalup’s younger batsmen.

“Obviously when defending the total, it’s really important that our opening bowlers set the tone for the day. We need to stay disciplined, force the batsmen into shots they wouldn’t play and back it up in the field. We didn’t post the total we should have and Joondalup still have some talent in the shed, so hopefully we can start well with a couple of early wickets and expose their inexperienced batsmen.”

Scarborough head coach Wes Robinson


Subiaco Floreat 0-1 (Murphy 1no) v Fremantle 184 (cc) (Sutton 38, Micale 37, Hansberry 4-27), Floreat Park Oval

Subiaco Floreat look to be in control against Fremantle, bowling Fremantle out for 184 after an impressive bowling performance. The Lions will be looking to chase down the target quickly and bat the rest of the day out to ensure a first innings victory.

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University 261 (Birrell 73, Paver 57, Mucciarone 2-34) v Midland Guildford 0-47 (Cobley 33no, Kirwan 5no), James Oval

University and Midland Guildford appear to be evenly matched following the end of day one with both sides putting on impressive all-round performances. David Moody and Ashton Agar are out of the side on state duties while Mitchell Drennan comes in for his first match with Cory Rocchiccioli the other replacement for University.

“We’ve got a few team changes with Moody and Agar out, so from our perspective, it’s going to pretty tight. If we build enough pressure throughout the innings, it’ll go a long way to us winning the match. Josh Dallimore is always a danger man so we’ll be looking to him to lead our bowlers.”

University head coach Will Stibbs