Bayswater Morley (7th) v Wanneroo (15th) at Hillcrest Lower

Umpires: A Micenko-L Lindsay

Bayswater Morley: Liam O'Connor(c), Aaron Todd, Robert Guy, Mitchell Todd, Jonty Wilde, Ashley Jeffrey, Ross Loiacono, Jake Lewis, Tim Smithies, Ryleigh Cameron, Steve Tompsett.

Wanneroo: Christian Smith(c), Kyle Millar, Christopher Quelch, Jack Cattrall, Robert Richards, Mathew Dzodzos, Bailey Nylander, Matthew Spoors, Riley Holly, Jacob Johnston, Michael Ardagh.

Milestones: Matthew Dzodzos (W) 50 matches, Jack Cattrall (W) took his 7th five-wicket haul.

Preview: Bayswater Morley kept its faint finals hopes alive by defeating Melville outright in Round 14, while Wanneroo upset third-placed South Perth in an impressive bowling performance. The Bears are only four points behind Perth and will need a win plus other results to go their way to sneak into sixth spot. Wanneroo, however, are playing to avoid last place and a win would endure they avoid the wooden spoon.

Fremantle (11th) v Rockingham Mandurah (8th) at Stevens Reserve West

Umpires: J Sherry-C Pelpola

Fremantle: Ashton Turner(c), Brayden Sutton, Ross Macauley, Daniel Kennedy, Matthew Micale, Sam Whiteman, Benjamin Moore, Chris Davenport, Jarryd McPhee, Jake Carder, Zach Ferris.

Rockingham Mandurah: Craig Simmons(c), Nick Willis, Dane Ugle, Tyler Robertson, Aaron Burrage, Damien Burrage, Kane Standing, Vincent Poller, Leon Coombs, Matthew France, Nathan Hutchison.

Milestones: Daniel Kennedy (F) passed 2000 runs, Sam Whiteman (F) about to pass 3000 runs, Jarryd McPhee (F) personal best figures 7-40, Dane Ugle (RM) passed 2000 runs and scored his 6th century.

Preview: Fremantle won a tight match against Midland Guildford in Round 14, while Rockingham Mandurah comprehensively outplayed Perth. Both sides will be playing for pride this round, as finals are just out of reach. However, the battle between Fremantle’s Jarryd McPhee and Rockingham Mandurah’s Dane Ugle looks to be the key to this match.

Fremantle is holding its annual Pink Stumps Day on Saturday afternoon. The event is to raise awareness and funds for the McGrath Foundation.

Gosnells (14th) v Scarborough (13th) at Sutherlands Park 1

Umpires: F Davis-M Kovalevs

Gosnells: Matthew Leipold(c), Braydon Ridley, Timothy Hale, Damien Sweet, David Roberts, Brandon Jacobs, Brodee Foster, Aaron Keverne-Onyon, Ryan James-Buckley, Jeremy McFarlane, Chris Prescott.

Scarborough: Andrew Rule(c), Luke McQuade, Liam Knight, Lochie Hardy, Josh Philippe, Samuel Moylan, Cody Rose, Nicholas Maiolo, Ryan Knight, Lachlan Tyler, Joshua Hollows.

Milestones: Nicholas Maiolo (S) scored his 3rd century and is about to pass 2000 runs.

Preview: Gosnells narrowly avoided an outright defeat at the hands of University in Round 14, while Scarborough suffered a heavy loss to Subiaco Floreat. With finals out of reach, both sides will be looking to inject some youth into their respective line ups, hoping to gain some experience and confidence as they look to next season.

Joondalup (10th) v Melville (4th) at Iluka Sports Complex 1

Umpires: N Johnstone-J Paterson

Joondalup: Michael Johnson(c), Simon Branston, Tim Zsilinszky, Jaron Morgan, Garrick Morgan, Jake Zsilinszky, Harry Larmett, Clinton Hinchliffe, Joe Inglis, Josh Anderson, Josh Inglis.

Melville: Luke Towers(c), Drew Porter, Thomas Kerr-Sheppard, Matthew Wiley, Ryan Duffield, Brad Turner, Tom Scollay, Blake Reed, Fraser Hay, Mark Turner, Adam Voges.

Milestones: Garrick Morgan (J) 100 matches, Tim Zsilinszky (J) personal best 5 catches, Jaron Morgan (J) scored his 4th century, Blake Reed (M) passed 2000 runs.

Preview: Joondalup defeated ladder-leaders Claremont Nedlands with as stirring performance in Round 14, while Melville experienced its first outright loss of the season to Bayswater Morley. While the Storm are firmly entrenched in the top six, they could still finish as high as third or as low as sixth, so a polished performance is still required to get the best position in the final six.

Joondalup is holding the 40th anniversary of North Perth Cricket Club's (now Joondalup Districts Cricket Club) Premiership Flag winning team. With 10 of the 12 players who played for North Perth in the 1977-78 Grand Final attending, plus the two umpires that stood in the game, it promises to be a great night for our club.

Perth (6th) v Mount Lawley (12th) at Fletcher Park East

Umpires: D Trigg-D Skinn

Perth: Luke Jury(c), Jordan Mast, Dain Moreton, Sean Roberts, Jacob Snadden, Josh Nicholas, Jonathan Wells, Jacob Van Galen, Alex Calmy, Kyle Gardiner, Liam Guthrie.

Mount Lawley: Shane Rakich(c), Michael Klinger, Tom Beaton, James Newnham, Matt Dixon, Dylan Sharman, Jay Chislett, Liam Purdy, Justin Kandiah, Ethan Petta, Mohamed Ijaz.

Milestones: Alex Calmy (P) personal best figures 5-102.

Preview: Perth are teetering on the edge of the top six after falling to Rockingham Mandurah in Round 14, while Mount Lawley pulled off a huge upset over second-placed Willetton. The Demon’s fate is in their own hands; a win guarantees a top six finish, while a loss will mean relying on other results to go their way. Perth will need captain Luke Jury, Dain Moreton and Jonathan Wells to perform strongly with the bat if they are to keep their spot in the top six.

Subiaco Floreat (8th) v Midland Guildford (16th) at Floreat Park Oval

Umpires: M Hall-J Buscall

Subiaco Floreat: Christopher Hansberry(c), Calum How, Anthony Murphy, Tim Monteleone, Aaron Lilly, Andrew Holder, Joshua Parker, Kiran Prashanth, Michael Hart, Ashley Blake, Lucas Martin.

Midland Guildford: Ashley Mucciarone(c), Corry Verco, Adam Faulkner, Keaton Critchell, Thomas Gosling, Hayden Cobley, James Kirwan, Austin Thomas, Julian Crudeli, Joshua Dell, Daniel Curtis.

Milestones: Lucas Martin (SF) personal best figures 5-47, Calum How (SF) scored his 5th century, Keaton Critchell (MG) scored personal best 106, Julian Crudelli (MG) scored personal best 60.

Preview: Subiaco Floreat produced an impressive total with the bat to defeat Scarborough in Round 14, while Midland Guildford lost a close match to Fremantle. The Lions are still a slim chance at making the top six and will need a win and results to go their way to squeeze in. Conversely, Midland Guildford will need a win to avoid the wooden spoon and will look to captain Ashley Mucciarone  and Keaton Critchell to them get over the line.

South Perth (3rd) v Claremont Nedlands (1st) at Richardson Park 1

Umpires: T Steenholdt-J Hewitt

South Perth: Hugh Brown(c), Trent Ovens, Chris Chellew, Michael Bailey, Simon Ringrose, Brandon Guest, Alex Bevilaqua, Brooke Guest, Darius D'Silva, Jacob Mulder, Hilton Cartwright.

Claremont Nedlands: Chris Brabazon(c), Daniel Turkich, James Allenby, Jacob Whiteaker, Joel Paris, Nicholas Hobson, Haydan Morton, Tim David, Cameron Steel, Bradley Hope, Thomas May.

Milestones: Chris Brabazon (CN) passed 3000 runs, Chris Chellew (SP) passed 150 wickets and took his 4th five-wicket haul.

Preview: South Perth lost a topsy-turvy match against Wanneroo in Round 14, while Claremont Nedlands struggled for runs in its loss to Joondalup. With the top six still not settled, both sides will be looking for strong performances to ensure the highest finish. Chris Chellew has been in excellent form for South Perth and will need to produce again against the Tigers talented batting line up. A win would see the Tigers lock up top spot, while a win for South Perth could see them finishing first.

Willetton (2nd) v University (5th) at Burrendah Reserve 1

Umpires: T Rann-J Taylor

Willetton: Matthew Johnston(c), Kallen Bond, Sean Brennan, Stuart Biss, James Godfrey, Brennan Wilson, Simon Mackin, Matthew Hanna, Aaron McCall, Aaron Hardie, Shayne Wornes.

University: William Bosisto(c), Matthew Birrell, Viv Paver, Mitchell Drennan, Josh Dallimore, Jay O'Brien, Robert Honeybul, Bailey Richards, Tom Balkwill, Sean Stuart, Daniel Moore.

Milestones: Matthew Johnston (W) about to pass 100 catches, Aaron McCall (W) took his 4th five-wicket haul, Sean Stuart (U) took his 2nd five-wicket haul with personal best figures of 6-28.

Preview: Willetton lost to Mount Lawley after an uncharacteristic performance in Round 14, while University easily accounted for Gosnells. Both Sides will be looking for strong performances, as a win could see Willetton finish first, while a loss for University could see them finish as low as sixth.