The club has attributed its recent success to the ‘one team’ culture and inclusive environment they have been building over the last few seasons.

Subiaco-Floreat A Grade Skipper Emma King values the hard work that has gone into developing the positive culture at the club.

“It’s been about a five-year process to build the strong culture at the club. It’s involved lots of hard work and building a squad with good people first, good cricketers is a bonus,” she said.

“We see ourselves as one team, not A or B Grade teams. We pride ourselves on being an open environment and try to create a family feel too.”

The Subiaco-Floreat coaches work together to ensure the club makes the most of training and pushes their players to be open to learning.
Coach Viv Paver described the club culture as inclusive , helpful and supportive.

“There is a humility in the group which brings two key outcomes. One is that no one is too good to pass up an opportunity to learn and secondly, players are always looking to find ways to contribute even if that's running drinks or scoring, rather than complain about a lack of opportunity.” Paver said

Every success within the club is celebrated, whether it is big or small.

“Our players are genuinely happy for one another's success. They have a respect for one another that means little things are never an issue, everyone is communicative, on-time, prepared and self-sufficient,” Paver said.

“It's a wonderful environment to be a part of. The icing on the cake for me is that the girls hold themselves to their own standards.

“The girls focus on the process of development individually and collectively, and results are more an indicator of our development, rather than a black and white judgement of success or failure.”

This weekend Subiaco-Floreat will face South Perth in Round 6 of the Alcohol Think Again Premier Cricket Competition.