David has shown his commitment to the Program by attending the WACA’s Coordinator Training Program, which has helped him improve his knowledge and skills in cricket and community coaching.

He’s hosted a number of training sessions for parents before the Program’s first session to share skills and knowledge to get them more involved and comfortable with running activities at the Club.

WACA Cricket Manager - Western Suburbs Niki Andonovski said;

“Dave’s organisation and commitment before the program starting is what has set him apart from all the others.

“What has kept children and parents returning to weekly sessions is his kind, welcoming and friendly nature, leaving everyone with a big smile.”

Niki believes that David’s approach will enable parents to easily engage with the club and potentially lead to new and exciting opportunities for them in the volunteer space.

David thanked the WACA for the recognition.

“This award is out of the blue and unexpected, and I really appreciate all the support from the WACA in helping me through my first season of cricket”, said David.