The veteran umpire, who became the longest serving umpire in WA Premier Cricket history last season after his 480th match in Round 7, says even though it’s a big number, it’s just another game.

“I was thinking about it during the week, actually,” Rann said.

“To be honest, it’s just another game for me. I guess, once I’ve finished and look back at my career, it’ll be nice.

“It just means that I’ve had longevity in the game. It’ll be just as challenging as every other game.”

While playing groups have the match day team plus a full squad to celebrate any meaningful milestones, the umpiring fraternity have it slightly different.

With only one other umpire helping Rann through the match, the celebration will be somewhat subdued until the whole group comes together.

“We have celebrated these kinds of occasions in the past,” he said.

“We’ll probably meet up and celebrate at some stage after the match. It’s a bit of a lonely profession, as an umpire, given there’s only two of us at any given match and we’re all scattered around Perth on the weekend, so it’ll be nice to come together and enjoy the moment.”

It’s been a long journey for Rann, whose umpiring career kicked off in Broome back in 1993, which is where he began to instil his belief of preparation and organisation into his officiating.

 “I first started umpiring when I was living in Broome during the 1993-94 season,” Rann said.

“There were no umpires up there at the time, so I was playing and umpiring at the same time and took a bit of a shine to it.

“I think it’s just been about preparation, being organised and prepared and having your own routines, I guess.

“For me, it’s all about knowing the laws and playing conditions, really learning from experiences and when I was younger, asking questions to the guys that had been around for a while, so I guess all of those things have given me a bit of longevity in the game.”

While there has been a plethora of moments and milestones to celebrate for Rann, his proudest moment came when he umpired his maiden First Grade Grand Final.

“Without a doubt, the proudest moment has been the Grand Finals,” he said.

“That’s really where you want to be as an umpire and I’ve been fortunate enough to umpire the last two First Grade Grand Finals.”

As for the future, Rann just wants to continue to be the best umpire he can be for as long as possible.

“My aim is just to be consistent,” he said.

“Just to do the best job I can, enjoy umpiring as much as I can and pass on as much knowledge and support as possible to the new guys coming through.”