Brad coaches a number of teams at West Pilbara JCA including Junior Blasters, Under 11s, Under 16s boys, as well as the Under 12s Girls team which will compete at the Peel Cricket Carnival later this year.

WACA Regional Manager of the North West Andrew Hayes said;

“Brad promotes equal opportunity and a fair go for all by being well-planned for training sessions and matches.

“He champions the Australian Way Coaching philosophy which sees his players 100% engaged and having fun.

“Brad is totally committed to the development of cricket in the West Pilbara. In addition to his coaching responsibilities, he is always prepared to attend to tasks at the last minute to ensure everything is well prepared for the team.

Brad Goes said he thoroughly enjoys volunteering and playing his part to grow the cricket talent in the region.

“I would like to thank the WACA for the recognition, I am really enjoying learning a lot about coaching young people,” he said.

“I’m also really keen on getting the girls playing more so hopefully they have fun and can link into the women's competition in the future.”