Seating | Seat Saving
Members Enclosure - Seat Saving Stickers
Seat Saving stickers will be issued to Members and their Guests who have not purchased reserved seating for International Match Days.

Seat Saving stickers allow Members and their Guests to save themselves a seat within the Members Enclosure from gate opening until the start of play, and during official breaks in play - i.e. lunch, tea and innings breaks.
  • Members and their Guests will receive one (1) Seat Saving sticker each upon entry to the Ground. Members and their Guests are not permitted to save seats for people who are not yet at the Ground.
  • Once an unoccupied seat has been located, Members must write their Membership number in the space provided on the Seat Saving sticker and place the sticker on the front of the seat’s backrest. This will indicate to other Members and Match Day Staff that the seat is taken if unattended.
  • Members and their Guests need to detach and retain the duplicate numbered slip on the right hand side of the sticker and produce it as proof of ownership of that seat, if required.
We ask that Members and their Guests observe the spirit of fair play by following the guidelines below, as any abuse of seat saving may result in the suspension of Membership under WACA Membership By-Laws.
  • If a Member or Guest vacates their seat for a short time during play (i.e. toilet break), they are asked to inform Match Day Staff or the person sitting next to them that they intend to return to their seat and won’t be long. Members and Guests are asked to respect this temporary vacancy.
  • As a courtesy, Members and Guests are asked to remove their Seat Saving sticker from the backrest when leaving the Ground at the end of the days play, or if they do not intend to return to the saved seat.
  • Members and their Guests are asked not to remove Seat Saving stickers from empty seats. Members who feel a stickered seat has been permanently vacated should advise Match Day Staff, who are authorised to remove stickers from unoccupied seats.
  • Seat Saving stickers can be used from gate opening until the start of play, and during official breaks in play only - i.e. lunch, tea and innings breaks. Outside of these times seats cannot be saved and will be open for other Members and Guests to claim. Any Seat Saving stickers left on vacant seats will be removed by Match Day Staff.
  • Seat Saving stickers are not to be used in the general public seating areas.