Talent Development


The WACA is dedicated to the development of great cricketers and great people.

Our pathway and talent development programs provide a values-based learning environment which is dedicated to developing both physical and technical expertise as well as fostering the development of values, attitude and character that bely not just great cricketers but also great people.

In earning respect on and off the field, players will be asked to live the values developed by the male and female high performance coaches, Justin Langer & Lisa Keightley, and their respective playing groups.

Alcohol.Think Again Western
Warriors/Perth Scorchers
Alcohol.Think Again Western
Fury/Perth Scorchers
  • We work hard
  • Play to win
  • We speak honestly
  • Hard work
  • We embrace success
  • Be the best team
  • We respect the past
  • Empower and enable people
  • We look after our mates


The primary objective of all WACA pathway and development programs is to identify and develop players who demonstrate the potential to play cricket at the highest level. It is our intention to invest in and support young players whom we believe have the desire and importantly, the capacity, to represent their state and their country at a senior level of competition.

In our efforts to achieve this this objective we undertake to do the following:

  • Integrate the WACA development pathway and programs with the Australian Cricket Pathway [PDF]
  • Provide an environment of continuous improvement
  • Provide a holistic development environment that seeks to maximise outcomes across all areas of player development:


    • Skills and technical proficiency
    • Physical conditioning
    • Mental preparation
    • Sport/life balance
    • Player wellbeing
  • Encourage and support the enhancement of quality development opportunities within the Premier Club environments


WACA Selection Philosophy:

The WACA Talent Management staff will select players who demonstrate skill, performance and character attributes recognised as giving them the best chance to develop into future elite players

The WACA’s approach to player selection applies to the following circumstances:

  • Pathway programs (eg: WACA Academy)
  • Talent carnivals
  • National Championship squads/teams


Player performances are monitored and assessed over the course of the season and collated using an online rating system. Performances at both school and club competition are monitored by WACA talent development staff.

The Talent Portal is the WACA’s primary rating tool to assess the potential and current skills of junior and senior players who play Premier Cricket or are involved in recognised school competitions. It also includes players who are part of the country high performance pathway.


The WACA talent development staff work very closely with both school and club representatives. The frequent interaction with the club Junior Coordinator means that in the first instance they are the appropriate person to deal with any enquiries related to WACA programs, structure, selections and squads. If the Junior Coordinator cannot answer the question then they will then forward on your query to the appropriate WACA staff member who will respond.

Documented below is an outline of who should be contacted:

U15 Program & U15 Development Squad (male)

Primary contact is your Premier Club Junior Coordinator. They will be able to answer any queries regarding the WACA Talent pathway, talent carnivals and squads. They should also be able to answer any queries relating to the selection of the U15 Development Squad. Please liaise directly with your Premier Club Junior Coordinator regarding queries on any of these issues and they will respond or liaise with WACA Talent Development staff as required.

Youth and Underage Program and Squad Selection (male and female)

Please contact the respective Talent Development Manager

WACA Academy Program (male and female)

Please contact the respective Talent Development Manager

Squad/team/program selections are also always communicated to relevant stakeholders (such as Premier Clubs, PSA/IGSSA sport staff) by the respective Talent Development Manager.


2017 - 2018


* Calendar will be updated once dates for additional events are confirmed


David Fitzgerald Talent Development Manager (male programs)


Rob Wass Talent Development Coordinator


Job van Bunge Talent Development Coordinator


Orazio Santalucia Development Coach - Female Programs