MILO T20 Blast

MILO T20 Blast is a super fun, social and exciting cricket program for boys aged 7-11 years and girls 7-12 years.

This program is designed to enable kids to convert their basic cricket skills into exciting games of T20.

The program is much shorter than traditional cricket, with a maximum of 90 minutes playing time. All equipment is supplied and the games take place at your local club or a community centre.

MILO T20 Blast aims to:

  • Introduce junior cricketers to competitive competition;
  • Provide a fun, action packed and safe environment for kids to play the T20 format of the game
  • Continue to develop skills and techniques learnt in MILO in2CRICKET
  • Maximise participation for all.


  • Eight kids per a side, with all participants getting an equal opportunity at batting and bowling;
  • Skills zone for participants to assist in their development whilst they are waiting to bat
  • There is no need for protective equipment with a soft style cricket ball used
  • Shorter boundaries allowing for more big hits!
  • Music played to add to the atmosphere
  • All participants play in orange coloured shirts and hats, just like their Perth Scorchers heroes!

For more information and to find your nearest centre visit