Volunteers | Volunteer Management

The WACA recognise volunteers are the life blood and are essential in delivering cricket which is fun, competitive, social and safe. However, like most sports there is a high turnover of volunteers with recruiting and retaining activities an ongoing demand on resources.

Though advances in technology are improving the collection and dissemination of information to volunteers, volunteering remains a ‘people, face to face game’.

Volunteers are increasingly more prepared to commit to a well-organised and professional organisation for a specific task and/or a finite period. To this end, the WACA has undertaken the development of a Volunteer Management Framework to assist affiliated Associations and Clubs enhance a volunteer’s experience and improve the volunteering.

It is acknowledged that a number of strategies and initiatives are already undertaken by Cricket Australia, the WACA, affiliated Associations and Clubs to recruit and retain volunteers.

  • To Download the Volunteer Management Framework please CLICK HERE [PDF 11mb]
  • To Download the Volunteer Management Action Plan Template please CLICK HERE [MS Word]

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