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What is a MILO T20 Blast School Cup?
The MILO T20 Blast School Cups is a new era of cricket! It's fast, fun, active, energetic and dynamic - and it develops many skills children require to be happy and healthy later in life.

The MILO T20 Blast School Cup is an interschool (or intra school e.g. in factions) cricket competition, which involves a one day carnival (or either at lunch time or during class PE lessons) in a non-threatening environment for all participants and teachers to be involved in a fun and enjoyable day. The carnivals are for any students both boys and girls in years 3-6. Winning teams receive a MILO T20 Blast School Cup to keep.

There are three formats of the MILO T20 Blast School Cups. For Lower Primary students (Years 3 &4) it is a six-a-side game, which is full of action and requires all players to bat, bowl and field for equal time. The game consists of one innings of six overs per side, which encourages attacking cricket from batters, bowlers and fielders. 

The Upper Primary students (Years 5-6) play the same format however with the difference of an eight-a-side competition with eight players per team. See the ‘MILO T20 Blast School Cups Information Pack' for further information.

How does your school get involved?
Ideally look to form a division with your existing Physical Education network and discuss the idea of holding a carnival. Your Metropolitan Region Cricket Manager (RCM) or Regional CSBP Cricket Manager (RCM) is also available to provide assistance in contacting schools if required. If you are planning to run an intra-school competition please advise your local RCM to ensure you have all the resources available.

Teacher Involvement
Each carnival requires a teacher to act as the carnival Coordinator and is responsible for communicating all information to the schools and also the WACA. Duties required to undertake include:
  • Booking the venue;
  • Providing schools with information on Rules and Fixtures;
  • Providing the score sheets on the day of the carnival along with the set up of grounds; and
  • Providing all necessary information to your WACA RCM.
Teachers in charge at participating schools are responsible for ensuring that their teams are organised, aware of the game rules and how to score. It is essential that players are involved in practice games prior to the carnival, which is also a good way for teachers to learn how to score. Every team entered from a school MUST have a teacher/parent to assist in scoring, umpiring and general coaching. RCM’s can help in finding umpires if needed, sourced from local cricket high schools.

WACA Regional Cricket Manager/CSBP Regional Cricket Manager
The following assistance is provided by the WACA:
  • RCM to provide the coordinator with an information pack;
  • RCM to present winning schools with the Cups at their next all school assembly or on the day during presentations;
  • Access to "Kookaburra Supa Softa” ball to use during matches; and
  • RCM will provide general support on the day of the Carnival
  • Coordination and delivery of Regional and State Finals
Expression of Interest Form
If you are interested in joining a MILO T20 Blast School Cup but are unsure if there is one running near your school, complete the expression of interest form (CLICK HERE) and your local RCM will be in touch with you.