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Belt Up Helmets Program


The Western Australian Cricket Association has partnered with the Insurance Commission’s Belt Up road safety campaign to support a holistic approach to ensuring safe cricket environments across WA. The Belt Up Helmets Program will help promote and support the roll-out of Australian Cricket’s commitment to clubs and associations who have adopted the mandatory use of British Standard helmets as part of their competition rules.

Through the four-year partnership, helmets will be distributed to junior and senior clubs across the state which meet the eligibility criteria. All clubs will receive one Belt Up-branded Masuri British Standard-compliant helmet per eligible team progressively over the 4 years.

Junior Clubs

Most junior competitions across the state stipulate the mandatory use of helmets in their by-laws. To help raise awareness of the British Standard helmets and support clubs to ensure compliance with the standard, an allocation of Belt Up helmets will be offered to clubs.

This season, the first year of the program will target clubs with teams participating in U14s – U18s boys and girls competitions.

The junior Belt Up helmets will come in black.

Senior Clubs 

This season, the first year of the program, clubs playing in competitions that have made the use of British Standard helmets mandatory in their by-laws will be prioritised.

The WACA will work with both Cricket West and the Country Cricket Board to confirm these associations and confirm club eligibility in this first year.

About Belt Up

Belt up is a road safety awareness campaign to promote wearing seat belts on WA roads to reduce the severity of injury in a crash. The message is simple. Wear a seat belt. Belt up! We don’t want you to become another statistic on our roads.

Secure your seat belt before you start the car. Make sure your passengers secure their seat belts as well. Each year, lives are lost and people are injured on WA roads from not wearing a seat belt. The Insurance Commission has supported and funded the Belt up campaign since 1997.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible to apply for your Belt Up-branded Masuri British Standard-compliant helmet, your club must meet the following criteria:

Communicating the Belt up message

  • We require your support in promoting this very important public safety message:
    • Publish a social media post upon receipt of the Belt up helmet/s with photos of your players using the helmets.
    • Tag @wacricket and @InsuranceCommissionofWA on Facebook; and @WACA_Cricket and @ICWA_insurance on Twitter using the campaign hashtag #BeltUp
    • Agree you may be asked to participate in media opportunities relating to the Belt Up Helmets Program and delivery of helmets to their respective clubs.
  • Additional requests
    • Share your story with us. Maybe you have a player who’s been involved in a road crash or your community has been affected. The more stories we share, the more the Belt up message is promoted.
    • Acknowledge the support of the Insurance Commission and the Belt up campaign at your club awards night.

Upon application clubs will be asked to answer the following questions regarding their status in relation to Australian Cricket Safeguarding Children and Young people framework and Coach Education and Accreditation.

  • Has your club signed Australian Cricket’s Commitment to Safeguarding Children and Young People?
  • Has your club formally adopted Australian Cricket’s Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy?
  • Does your club need more information on providing a safe environment for children and young people at their club?
  • Are the coaches of the eligible teams accredited? (junior clubs only to answer)