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WACA Membership Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for WACA Membership.


  • A fee of $50.00 applies to join the WACA Membership Waitlist
  • An application for the Membership Waitlist may be lodged at any time irrespective of the age of the applicant. No applicant shall be offered Membership until he/she has reached the top of the Waitlist and is at least 6 years of age as of 1st October of that year
  • Each WACA Waitlist Member will be issued with an ID number which will become their Membership ID on take up of full WACA Membership
  • One spot on the list will result in one offer of Membership to the inpidual named as the WACA Waitlist Member
  • A WACA Waitlist Member will remain active on the Waitlist until at least one offer of Membership is made
  • The Waitlist Member must take up full WACA Membership or else forfeit their place on the list. In order to be in line for further offers of Membership, payment of the current WACA Waiting List fee will be required and the inpidual will rejoin at the bottom of the list


  • An active email address is required to join the Membership Waitlist List. If an email address cannot be provided, please notify the Membership Office to make alternative arrangements
  • On application, the Waitlist Member agrees to receive email and post communication from the WACA
  • Offers of Membership will be made via email. The Membership Office will attempt to contact the WACA Waitlist Member via other means should the email address be inactive, however responsibility lies with the Waitlist Member to keep the Membership Office updated with any changes in contact details to ensure all communication from the WACA is received. If an opportunity to join is missed, another offer will not be made

Visitor Passes

  • During the season WACA Waitlist Members will be invited via email to purchase Visitor passes in to the WACA Members enclosure for selected matches at the WACA Ground
  • Visitor passes will be only be available to purchase on the day subject to availability from the Membership office at Gate 8 or as otherwise instructed via email communication
  • WACA Waitlist Members must present suitable current  photo ID (ie. Driver’s License)  to the Membership Office at the time of purchase. Visitor passes will not be issued to any person other than the named Waitlist Member. In the event that the Membership Office are unable to confirm the identity of the Waitlist Member the purchase of Visitor passes will be declined
  • No refunds will be issued on Visitor Passes, however, special refund conditions may apply for whole days of play that are lost due to inclement weather.
  • Visitor Passes must be displayed at all times when in the Members Enclosure
  • A child is aged between 6 and 17 years inclusive
  • Children under the age of 6 who are accompanied by a WACA Waitlist Member will be admitted in to the Members Enclosure free of charge. They are not entitled to a seat and must surrender their seat if requested to do so by a Member, their Guest or match day staff

Conditions of Entry

  • A WACA Waitlist Member is considered a Guest at the WACA Ground and therefore must comply with the By-Laws of the WACA  under section 7 Behaviour of Members, Guests and Visitors.  

Membership By-Laws Section 7 Behaviour of Members, Guests and Visitors

7.1 Each Member, Guest Pass holder and Member’s Visitor must at all times:

      (a) comply with any lawful direction or request of the Association or any agent, employee, contractor or authorised officer of the Association (including any gate keeper) or member of the police force while at, or using, the Ground; and
      (b) not engage in conduct that:
      (i) is unbecoming or prejudicial to the interests of the Association; or
      (ii) may bring the Association into disrepute; or
      (iii) impairs or affects the enjoyment of the benefits of Membership by other Members; and
      (c) be subject to the applicable dress requirements set down for the Members’ Enclosure as determined from time to time and advised in Member communications and Ground signage.
      7.2     The Member is responsible for ensuring that their Guest Pass holder and Visitor/s comply with By-Laws 7.1 (a), (b) and (c). The Member shall be held accountable for any breach of these By-Laws by their Guest Pass holder and Visitor/s.
  • Strict dress standards are in operation within the WACA Members Enclosure. It is the responsibility of the Waitlist Member to familiarize themselves and abide by the dress standards. It is also the responsibility of the Waitlist Member to ensure any guests they introduce to the Members Enclosure are also familiar and  comply with these standards. Inappropriate dress will result in the Waitlist Member being refused entry
  • Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any person considered unsuitable attired, intoxicated or behaved
  • Cricket Etiquette

    • In keeping with the WACA Member Code of Conduct, 12th MAN Members, Members, Transferable Guest Card holders and Visitors are asked to behave in a manner that does not effect the enjoyment or comfort of other Members and is not prejudicial to the interests of the Association. Each Member must, on request, comply with any lawful direction given by an employee, contractor or authorised officer
      • Remain seated while play is in progress
      • Restrict movement to and from seats until the over is completed, or there is an extended break in play (after the fall of a wicket, drinks break, innings break)
      • If there is a genuine need to leave the seat during play, please ensure that this does not impede the view of other Members in the area, which includes walking in front of Members that are in the Boundary Room and the Long Bar
      • While mobile phones and radios are permitted within the Members Enclosure, all Members are urged to consider the people around them and limit phone usage during play
      • Treat other WACA Waitlist Members, Members and Guests in a respectful manner
    • The Members Enclosure is a family-friendly area and children are permitted in all areas of the Members Enclosure including the Boundary Room and Long Bar.  While in the Members Enclosure, children must be accompanied by an adult, adequately supervised and behave in an appropriate manner at all times